Affordable Dog Grooming Pricing

Full Groom : You’re dog will receive a full service pet grooming including the style / cut, of your choice that fits your pet, along with nail trimming, ear plucking and cleaning, glands expressed, bath, hand blow dry, brushing and trimming of sanitary areas.

 Weight (lbs) of DogPrice of Grooming 
Up to 10$45.00
11 to 25$50.00
26 to 40$60.00
41 to 70$70.00
71 to 90$80.00
90 and up$95.00

Just A Bath Pricing : Short Hair Dogs Only

Bath and Trim (Maintenance Grooming) : Your pet receives a bath, hand blow dry, brushing, nail trim, ear plucking and cleaning, glands expressed, and light trimming of sanitary areas along with reshaping and maintenance of the body style/ cut your pet is in. Examples of short haired dogs are Great Danes, Doberman Pinscher, dogs that are shaved, etc.

 Weight (lbs) of DogPrice of Bath 
up to 10$35.00
11 to 25$40.00
26 to 40$50.00
41 to 70$60.00
71 and Up$70.00

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